A healthy skin is the first barrier of defense

The pet’s skin and fur are the natural barrier that protects the inside of its body against external factors such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, as well as cold and heat. The skin reflects the inner state of the pet through its color or texture; this is why we must take care of it and protect it with a balanced diet and proper hygiene.

Dermatitis is the most common allergic skin problem among pets, often caused by insect bites or reaction to certain foods, the symptoms are: itching, itching, redness, inflammation and dryness, which are aggravated when the pet licks and scratches.

Older dogs, 11 years of age and older, are more prone to suffer from this type of dermatological pathology.

Fleas and ticks are the parasites that most frequently invade the skin of pets, in addition to causing skin irritation they can produce serious parasitic or infectious diseases.

Pollen allergy is another common pathology among pets.

There are canine breeds that require special dermatological care to avoid allergies, irritation and itching.

The skin diseases of pets can also be of bacterial origin, Fungosis is almost always originated under the nails and between the paws, by accumulation of fungi spreading later throughout the body.

Taking care of your pet’s skin is very important to maintain complete health.

5 Tips to keep the skin of the furry ones at home healthy.

  • External deworming is recommended by veterinarians to avoid fleas and ticks.
  • Bathing with natural products that disinfect and nourish the pet’s skin as often as necessary.
  • Poorly healed wounds are a source of skin infections, so it is advisable to keep them clean and disinfected, and if possible, apply Kannavalley topical oil which is a restorative and healing of the skin.
  • Good nutrition is a fundamental pillar in the health of your pet, natural foods containing vegetables, fruits, cereals that give the necessary nutrients and avoid food allergies.
  • A proper hygiene that includes daily brushing and cleaning after the walk, it is much better to be constant and devote a few minutes daily care that pretend in a few hours to do all the work that was not done in months.

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