Advances in the care of our pets

Pets and especially dogs have gone from being companions and friends of man to being another member of the family, now we worry not only about their physical needs but also about their emotional ones, so much so that Reiki has become fashionable. , to help balance their energies.

Their attention and care have been increasing, now in large cities centers for their education proliferate, such as the traditional Daycare for children, where they control the type of exercise according to age, birth and balanced nutrition that also became a very important part of their care; This has helped to encourage research and develop specialized products according to the tolerance and specific needs of each one. This openness in the care of our pets has allowed the properties of CBD to be incorporated as an important part of their care. Recent scientific findings demonstrate the benefits of CBD as a dietary supplement and treat in a non-toxic way different health problems such as allergies and pain, including skin conditions of pets. This is why including high-quality CBD-based supplements in their diet and their skin and coat care is an easy way to maintain your pet’s health, vitality, and good appearance.

They are great advances that help improve the quality of life of pets. Every day there is more demand for products made conscientiously with natural ingredients of great benefit such as Hemp, which, accompanied by an endless number of master plants such as Marygold, Comfrey, the Tea tree or Coconut oil, the product benefit multiplied.

Helping your pet to recover from any ailment is not an easy task, because they cannot tell us where and how it hurts and if they feel an improvement or not, so seeing the results on the skin is very important and very stimulating.

One of the most frequent questions that people ask about CBD is how to use it, we have heard so many negative things about the plant that it is difficult for them to understand how they should use it. To know which is the correct dose for your pet, we must always start with a minimum dose according to the pet’s size, we cannot give the same first dose to a Chihuahua as to a German Shepherd, it is hardly obvious, but a brief orientation would be this: If the CBD oil drops, it would be equivalent to little less than a quarter of a dropper, for the small one and a half dropper for the Sheperd. doing the same calculation for the spray. The dose is very low, but it is the best start, you will probably not notice any change, then it will be convenient to increase the dose a little.

Whether or not your pet is sick, Including CBD in the daily diet will help him to strengthen his immune system, and to be more relaxed. On the skin, the most noticeable change is the shine and softness of the fur and the hydration of the scalp.

Complementing internal work with external skincare in daily hygiene is very important since the dermis represents the longest organ in the body, with the job of being the body’s shield against external aggressions from the environment. Prevention in skincare is essential, due to the permanent contact with bacteria and fungi found in the soil.

This care becomes more important if we have children at home, who often tend to raise pets in bed and share toys, it is best to be sure that it is free of bacteria and fungi.

Massages for pets have also taken center stage, and not in vain since, in an old dog with common joint pain, he will greatly appreciate a massage with a CBD-based oil, it will provide him with fast and safe relief, it will help to reduce his inflammation. sore joints, and if the problem is allergy it will reduce itching and help restore their skin by disinfecting and hydrating.

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