Beneficios del cepillado diario de tu mascota

Benefits of daily brushing your pet

Daily brushing should be part of the hygiene routine in the care of your pet, although it sounds a little heavy to have to do it every day, it is highly recommended even if it is only 5 minutes a day, and once a week a little deeper brushing. This will help to keep his scalp and hair healthy and of course will help to avoid the formation of tangles in its fur.

The main function of brushing is to remove fur and dead cells, stimulate circulation and keep your pet’s fur clean and loose, avoiding unpleasant odors or the formation of dirt balls where parasites often nest.

All of us who are pet parents know that, if we do not brush their fur every day, after a while a thick layer of hair ends up forming, which is difficult to untangle and generates bad odor, which will only result in a very short haircut.

Brushing is an important part of bath preparation and should start by cutting with scissors all the tangles that may be in the hair to avoid pulling at the time of brushing before the bath, the fur must be dry to avoid hurting the dog, if we do not remove the dead skin and hair in contact with water and shampoo will form a mass that does not allow proper rinsing and will leave residues.

During the bath it is advisable to brush the whole body, keeping the brush on the skin to make an exfoliating massage and stimulate circulation, making soft circular movements will help to remove impurities, improve the absorption of Skincare products especially the CBD contained in the formula of the Shampoo and oils.

The choice of brush depends on the breed and length of the hair, it is advisable to use a natural bristle brush or a blunt brush if it is metallic to avoid damaging their skin, for short fur dogs there are also gloves with very fine bristles very easy to use and very soft with their skin.

It is not the same to brush a St. Bernard than a Chihuahua, or a Schnauzer like Mochoco. The important thing is to untangle their hair daily without hurting them.  The brush recommended for the bath is much softer, its function is to provide a massage, which will activate the circulation and help eliminate all the cells and dead hair, exfoliating and renewing the skin.

Those who enjoy the services of a personal trainer or nursery, should take advantage and ask for a general brushing every day, being more demanding in spring and autumn when they shed fur and of course in summer that sweat and dead skin give off a not very pleasant smell that is remains in the house.

There are many benefits of brushing, this is why it is very important to accustom our pet to this routine from an early age, as if it were a game, so you get him to relax and enjoy.

Photos: Jackson KannaValley Ambassador


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