Cannabis as a Therapeutic Supplement for Pets

The growing demand for CBD has accelerated the proliferation of products that offer all kinds of benefits, some without having serious studies behind them, simply follow the fashion or get on the market looking for the crest of the wave of the industry, without taking very seriously what they are selling, this affects the market as trust and credibility is lost. Our advice is to always investigate before using any product to see if the laboratory is serious and if the ingredients comply with the regulations established by law.

It is no secret that the CBD industry is growing like crazy and that the United States and Canada are leading the market, research, product development and of course the liberalization that has been taking place in the laws, have been allowing all this to happen. This has been a determining factor in the development of the industry.

Everything that had been done until a few years ago in terms of research had been done almost clandestinely, thanks to Dr. Mechoulan in Israel who managed to investigate legally, opened a new future for the plant. It was he who began this exciting project to decipher all the chemistry and all the benefits offered by the cannabis plant for humanity, and I say humanity because the benefits are not only reduced to the oil in its various forms, also the fiber and cellulose lend endless uses that have been known for centuries.

This boom has been joined by different industries seeking to apply the benefits in their different products, pharmaceuticals as the first line of research, cosmetics, and of course the veterinary sector, a sector that will benefit greatly from all the developments that are being carried out in laboratories around the world. I share with you this research, one of the most complete and interesting I have found on the therapeutic use of CBD in animals, made by the Laboratory of Barcelona Spain.


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