Doug Kramer “el veterinario gurú”

Doug Kramer “The Veterinarian Guru”

One of the most important commitments when making and subsequently selling a CBD product is the immense responsibility of educating your buyer. Why? first because once you know and test its benefits you give them the value they have, and second because the reality is that there are many misunderstandings, misinformation, and false myths about the Cannabis plant, Hemp, and or Marijuana, due to the long period of darkness in which it has been seen for different reasons, most of the economic, today despite scientific research and the cascading legalization that has been taking place worldwide, there are still taboos to break, and much to learn, For this reason, knowing in depth its properties and uses is a privilege and an obligation to disseminate it. Thanks to the many scientists, researchers, and people who are passionate about the plant, we can learn to learn and enjoy the benefits of Cannabis.

Articles like those of Dr. Kramer are worth spreading because they help to know with safety and confidence the properties of Hemp and products with CBD.

The properties of medical cannabis are innumerable and in recent years the number of people who enjoy a higher quality of life thanks in large part to the legalization of marijuana, mainly in several states of the United States, has increased. And it goes further, as research is also focusing on the last five years in the use of cannabis in pets, which many people consider a fundamental part of their family.

We will start with the obvious: a pet does not need to consume marijuana, much less smoke it. The one who smokes a joint at his dog or his cat responds more to a feeling of love of the pet towards his master, who will always forgive him everything, than the love of the master towards his pet. Animals do not like to be drugged, since they cannot assimilate or understand that it is a temporary state. In the long run, it has been shown that it can be detrimental to your attitudes, such as fear or paranoia.

The same happens to people who are not regular users or do not like the effects of cannabis, or alcohol, or any other drug. On the other hand, in pets, cannabis is just as beneficial to health as in humans and there are already many veterinarians and researchers who are looking for medical cannabis to be a great help to treat chronic and degenerative diseases.

Dr. Doug Kramer, known as “The Veterinarian Guru” from Chatsworth, California, was one of the pioneers in the use of medical cannabis in pets and who sadly left us in August 2013 at age 36. He started by chance when a client wanted to get her dog medical marijuana and decided to help her. In a very short time, he was able to observe how the little dog had an incredible improvement after having tried a thousand treatments without any success. Even his pet, a Husky named Nikita and diagnosed with incurable cancer, walked again after the first dose. It must be said that his cancer was not cured, but he improved his quality of life and avoided having to sacrifice it, living happily until her death.

Some animals have a highly developed endocannabinoid system similar to that of humans. This system is a group of neuromodulatory lipids and its receptors are involved in physiological processes such as appetite, the sensation of pain, mood, or memory. Endocannabinoids are substances similar to cannabis and produced naturally by our body. Any animal with cannabinoid receptors will respond to THC and CBD the same way we do, which is why Dr. Kramer used cannabis tinctures to stimulate appetite in sick cats and dogs. The tincture offers great precision in the doses that are administered, but there are many “patients” who use oils or butter added to the usual feed or food.

In the same way, CBD oil is useful and more accessible since it is legal in most countries. The difference with THC oil we have already commented on some occasions; CBD is one of the 60 cannabinoids present in marijuana, while THC oil contains all these cannabinoids including CBD, so its potency is much higher. But CBD alone has already been shown to be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting, in relieving inflammatory diseases, antioxidants in neurodegenerative diseases, antitumor in cancer, and helpful in anxiety and depression disorders, all without produce no psychoactive effect. In hyperactive dogs, it has also been shown to be very effective.

We have only talked about Dr. Douglas Kramer for not expanding on the many veterinarians who have decided to follow in his footsteps and offer a better life to dear sick pets. And so much so that the United States Senator Tick Segerblom delivered a proposal in 2015 so that pets could also use medical cannabis in the case of having an illness with severe pain. Although at first, he counted on the rejection of fellow Nevada senator Mark Manendo and defender of animal rights, maintaining his concern about whether it could be an unsafe treatment for animals, the measure in all.

In any case, it would be guided by veterinarians specialized in the subject, and that given the evidence it was worth trying. The measure is in Parliament in Washington DC to see if it is approved or not.

Although it is still too early to think that we can have cannabis drugs available for our sick pets and much less even in Spain, it is worth remembering that the US is taking giant steps to make medical cannabis a reality both inside and outside of its borders, it is only a matter of time and perhaps of some changes of European governments by some more progressive ones.

Article: Douglas Kramer.
Editor: KannaValley


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