Medicinal cannabis: the UN recognizes the medicinal effects of cannabis

Legal ambiguity has accompanied and continues to accompany the CBD industry for a long time, it has been an arduous task to get the plant back to its true place in nature. It still poses a great challenge at all levels as long as it remains on the blacklist of plants considered dangerous drugs. The legal loopholes have made the development of the industry very uneven, and very expensive, some countries have been pioneers such as the USA and Canada, although not all the states of the union have the freedom to sell oil. Obtaining the approval and recognition of transnational entities such as the UN, which dictate security guidelines in all areas, opens up new possibilities for much-needed Global legalization. This helps to spread knowledge, benefits and reduce costs, a very important point in the production chain of products.

In a vote held this Wednesday in Vienna, the UN has recognized the medicinal properties of Cannabis.

Through a necessary simple majority of the 53 States of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, they have decided to withdraw Cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Drug Convention and, in this way, have also officially recognized its medicinal utility.

The vote was approved with 27 votes in favor, in which all the member states of the European Union, except for Orban’s Hungary, have supported the measure. Instead, the majority of countries in Asia and Africa voted against it. Other countries, where other types of regulations already exist, such as Canada, Colombia, the United States, Mexico, or Uruguay, have voted in favor of removing the plant from the drug list and recognizing its medicinal benefits. On the other hand, recreational Cannabis will continue to have the same treatment by the international body.

In the Spanish State, numerous groups have been demanding that medicinal Cannabis be regulated for years, such as the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis. But from the PSOE continue to claim that “there is no scientific evidence” of what the UN has ratified and recognized.

We share a fragment of the BLOG EL SALTO 2/DIC/2020
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