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Advances in the care of our pets

Pets and especially dogs have gone from being companions and friends of man to being another member of the family, now we worry not only

CBD and pets

We already know the beneficial and therapeutic effects that Cannabis has for different conditions, diseases, and pathologies in human beings from the different studies and

The industry of medicinal cannabis for pets grows unstopped

Technology is allowing in-depth research on the different beneficial properties of the cannabis plant, its main components CBD and THC, and its action in the

Medicinal cannabis: the UN recognizes the medicinal effects of cannabis

Legal ambiguity has accompanied and continues to accompany the CBD industry for a long time, it has been an arduous task to get the plant

Cannabis as a Therapeutic Supplement for Pets

The growing demand for CBD has accelerated the proliferation of products that offer all kinds of benefits, some without having serious studies behind them, simply

This is how our journey began

Hello, I am Little Leo, but everyone calls me Mochoco. I am one of hundreds of thousands of puppies born with a small chance of

A healthy skin is the first barrier of defense

The pet’s skin and fur are the natural barrier that protects the inside of its body against external factors such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses,
Beneficios del cepillado diario de tu mascota

Benefits of daily brushing your pet

Daily brushing should be part of the hygiene routine in the care of your pet, although it sounds a little heavy to have to do

Use of oil on open wounds

A few days ago, I had been out of town attending to my daughter who had just had surgery, when I returned home, I noticed
Doug Kramer “el veterinario gurú”

Doug Kramer “The Veterinarian Guru”

One of the most important commitments when making and subsequently selling a CBD product is the immense responsibility of educating your buyer. Why? first because

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CBD and pets

We already know the beneficial and therapeutic effects that Cannabis

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