CBD oil for cats

12,00 IVA Inc.

KannaValley’s Cat CBD Oil combines the natural extracts of 8 medicinal plants that have been used to soothe the skin, muscles, and joints for centuries, to relieve dry or scaly skin, dandruff, irritation and redness due to allergies or hair loss. It’s infused with 100mg of premium CBD.

USA Grown Hemp | Product Made in the USA 1 FL Oz / 30ml


๐Ÿพย  CBD Oil
๐Ÿพย  Calendula Oil
๐Ÿพ Comfrey Oil
๐Ÿพย  Cinnamon Oil
๐Ÿพย  Coconut Oil
๐Ÿพย  Olive Oil
๐Ÿพย  Tea Tree Oil
๐Ÿพย  Lemon Verbena Oil

How to:

Its easy absorption allows for direct application where the action of CBD and the rest of the components is needed. For best results use with KannaValley’s Cat CBD Shampoo ๐Ÿฑ

* For external use only.


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CBD oil for cats
12,00 IVA Inc.
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