This is how our journey began

Hello, I am Little Leo,

but everyone calls me Mochoco. I am one of hundreds of thousands of puppies born with a small chance of living a long and healthy life. I came into the world on December 20, 2016 in a poorly-kempt kennel. I was the runt in a litter of eight puppies. I was malnourished and weak when my Mother Klem adopted me.

On December 19, my Mother Klem was taking pictures of dogs at puppy nurseries to send to her granddaughter when she spotted one pathetic little puppy in a dirty box with a badly cut tail and a lost look. That was me, Little Leo.

She took a picture of me and moved on. After a few minutes passed she could not stop thinking of me and ran back to see if I was still there in the box. She was profoundly moved by my appearance, which was so bad that even the owner of the kennel did not have much hope in me. The owner sold me to my mother for $2 dollars.

And that is how we started this adventure together. My mother Klem Gregory, founder of KannaValley embarked on a long and loving journey to save my life that would ultimately evolve into a business that would help same many more pets like me in the future.

My Journey Back to Health

After I left the kennel, my mother took me to the vet for vaccinations. Within a few hours, rather than help me, each puncture of each new vaccine produced a horrible reaction in my tiny body. The worst was the distemper that damaged my brain and disabled my body for a few days. The pain was so tremendous, I could not leave my bed. The vet visits continued and cost my mother a fortune, and my condition did not improve—it got worse. My skin began to smell due to infection and I could hardly move to use the bathroom outside.

When things did not improve, the veterinarian recommended my mother to euthanize me to put me out of my misery. My mother cried a lot about what to do, but she could not bring herself to do it. This is when my miracle happened; when my mother made a decision that would change everything.

From that moment, my mother stopped giving me chemical drugs and started me on a diet with cannabis. My mother had recently participated in a study on the health benefits of cannabis and wondered if it could help me, too, like it helped people. Not long after, my health transformed. I could walk again, I could eat food again, I regained strength, and my stomach problems improved greatly—everything got better!

After she saw the incredible benefits cannabis had on my internal health, she decided to try CBD creams on my skin (she used CBD creams on herself!). It was truly a miracle: the cream was a relief for my wounds and pains, and my skin recovered fast… my mom could hardly believe it! Nothing the vet gave us produced these kinds of results!

I improved and recovered day by day in the arms of my loving mother who did all she could to help me get better. With time, the cannabis drops, creams, shampoos, and oils restored my health and skin. Thanks to CBD I have grown like a normal pet against all odds. Now, I enjoy climbing, swimming, and doing yoga with my mom ?

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