Use of oil on open wounds

A few days ago, I had been out of town attending to my daughter who had just had surgery, when I returned home, I noticed something strange in Mochoco’s behavior, he didn’t want to leave my side, he was very calm, which is not very normal for him as many days had passed without seeing him, I found him very hairy and as winter was already passing, I decided to take him to the grooming.

When I went to pick him up, I got a huge surprise, the vet showed me a wound he had on his neck that with the blade of the cut had taken the scab and had become open again. I was very impressed because it was evident that it had been the attack of a dog, then I understood that his behavior had to do with the pain that he was surely suffering from the wound.

Every day at home we usually go for walks to the mountains, the forest or the beach, depending on where we are. It usually happens that in the middle of the field he crosses with other dogs, sometimes they play and sometimes they run around to bite each other, some attacked him and nobody noticed, besides Mochoco usually wears collars and handkerchiefs that covered the wound for several days.

I didn’t want the vet to prescribe him anything because we have been trying for a long time not to use anything chemical in his body.

We have always recommended KannaValley oil for allergies, rashes, chafing, superficial wounds in general, (Mochoco was very sick and had skin lesions, but never deep wounds like these).

It was a decision to use the oil on this wound that needed to be disinfected for it to close properly. My first thought was that the skin might simply react and reject the oil, or perhaps the best and most correct thing to do would be to sew a couple of stitches in the wound to close it. In short, I put 2 sprays of the oil and you will see in the video, it immediately penetrated.

After about 6 hours, I wanted to put another spray of the oil to help it heal overnight. It was a tremendous surprise to see how in a matter of hours the wound had made a first layer of protection, but the most surprising thing is how the tension of the skin around the wound could be felt, evidently the skin was working to close up. I was very encouraged to apply the second dose.

The next morning the change was also very noticeable, the wound was reduced to a black circle that was fading until by the fourth day there was no trace left, the scab fell off and the skin was regenerated.

I continued applying the oil for another week to help moisturize and facilitate the exit of the hair in the scar.

The experience was very gratifying, I confess that being the first time I used the oil on a deep and open wound, I was curious about how the reaction would be, I thought that the worst that could happen would be that it would reject it, in the same way when the wounds begin to sweat after applying a cream; but my surprise was very big when I saw how the wound began to dry from the first contact.

Every day I am more aware of how important is what we take, eat or apply on our skin, the ingredients matter, they matter a lot, this is why the oil is an effective combination of natural oils enriched with CBD able to maintain healthy skin and coat, and help disinfect, heal and moisturize wounds on the skin of pets.

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