The demand for CBD grows every day, increasing research and discoveries about its benefits, both in people and in animals. This has made consumers want to know and try the new CBD products that come on the market, and making them available to the customer is a trend that is growing, and that represents an advance in the offer to the customer, every day more and better informed.


A treatment enriched with CBD in your dog groomer will make its owner or owner be delighted, thus increasing the value of your service for pets, especially those of advanced age and or with skin problems.

Why trust Kannavallley products?

Because Klem and the KannaValley team have known the CBD industry from the grow and extraction of the oil, developing and commercialization products, and before launching them on the market, they have used them for a year in the daily care of their pet, to check their excellent results.

Because we put experience and dedication into designing products that really work, that give good results from the first application, and that improve the quality of life of your beloved four-legged friends.

Because all the components are natural, with the highest quality, indicated for all skin types, made with a deep love for animals, and a passion for sharing the benefits of CBD.

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