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A Dream coming true

KannaValley Foundation

The Kannavalley Foundation was created with a purpose, to be a support for different causes linked to the work and development of our products for pets (WayuuKan) and for yogis (Kyo Yoga)
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At KannaValley we love and pamper pets for what they are, true members of our families and a fundamental pillar of our business, we are very aware of animal abuse and abandonment, that is why we take solidarity contribution very seriously, collaborating with entities where We know that the products and the contribution are put to proper use.

Our founder, Klem Gregory, worked in different international cooperation projects in conflict zones of countries at war, which allowed her to learn about the real problems of their people and their impact on families, especially on women and children.

This encouraged her to create the KannaValley Foundation to continue with the work focused on supporting working women who are heads of families, artisans, and belonging to groups of extreme poverty, of indigenous tribes of the Wayuu and Cogui communities of northern Colombia.

Why this community?

Her work as a member of the Alfalit International Board of Directors allowed her to learn about the culture and difficult living conditions in which families live, since drug trafficking and guerrilla problems have affected their well-being and have perpetuated poverty.

The objective in KannaValley is to help strengthen the sources of work and income through joint tasks, aspiring to build them a Weaving Center, which is the official work of the community, with daycare service, built and managed by themselves.

Klemencia Gregory
  • Founder of KannaValley.
  • Founder of the KannaValley Digital Art Gallery.
  • Former member of the Board of Directors of Alfalit International.
  • Former member of the Board of Directors of the Miami Symphony Orchestra.
Luis Urrea
Africa Lopez-Reina
Fernando Monteserin
Javier Llanes
Francisco Rivera
  • Co-Founders and KannaValley Partners.

Would you like to support the initiative?

The project is in the formulation process, although you can request information if you wish and we will be happy to inform you in detail. Our first goal is to build the Weaving Center with all the necessary services.

These fabrics are known throughout the world, and their colors represent their joy, their race and their spirit, and they are already part of the WayuuKan Pets and Kyo Yoga Collections of KannaValley. Coming Soon!

For the KannaValley team, it is a privilege to be able to show the wonderful work of the artisans and all the artists that support us at the KannaValley Digital Art Gallery.

Donations and 10% of the sales of all products will make this first solidarity project a reality, which will also have a protection plan for pets in indigenous reserves.

We invite you to Visit and support the KannaValley Digital Art Gallery.
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