About us

Our history

This rewarding adventure is about healing, knowledge, and respect for ourselves and the nature that surrounds us, with natural healing remedies provided through plants, minerals, animals, and energy.

KannaValley represents our journey to understand and adopt a holistic approach to life and health, living in harmony with nature.

Mom and Mochoco!

Our founder, Klemencia Gregory, discovered the power of CBD oil after she suffered a cervical spine injury that caused years of suffering and many visits to the doctor; she learned about CBD oil through friends; incredibly the chronic pain that she had suffered for many years began to dissipate. In a few weeks, she was able to stop taking painkillers and in a short time, the CBD helped her fully regain her quality of life.

This motivated her to research, learn about and enter the world of CBD and create her own oils.

In the process of development the products, Africa, Fernando, Francisco & Luis, joined the team, they are family, friends and entrepreneurs with whom she shares her passion for healthy life, pets and CBD. Together they have made this dream come true that reaches more and more people and more pets.

When Mochoco enters our lives!

A few years later, Klem crossed paths with an adorable 2-month-old baby puppy Snauser, Mochoco.

While he was receiving his standard vaccinations, he suffered several bad reactions, including distemper that caused excruciating pain and
severe inflammation, the vets tried to help him, but none of the medications seemed to help, and finally recommended euthanizing his already beloved member of the Mochoco family.

Having previously been saved from chronic pain by CBD oil, not wanting to give up on her new family member, Klem decided to try CBD oil with Mochoco.

It worked! In a matter of weeks, cannabis drops, shampoos, and oils restored little Mochoco’s health and skin.

Thanks to CBD he has grown up as a normal dog in a happy family with Mama Klem, the Gonzalo brothers, Veronica and Juana and now even the nephews, Chloe and Maxi

Our mission

Help make the natural healing power of CBD products available and affordable for every person and pet in need.

We are aware of the importance of offering the best for ourselves and our loved ones, including our beloved pets.

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