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Klem Gregory

Klemencia Gregory

Our history

Ananda Cosmo and its brands KannaValley and Natural Beauty are the product of years of work and research focused on the properties of master plants, extracts, essential oils, the harmony of nature and the immense benefit for the health of man and animals. animals. Understanding this balance by taking a holistic approach to life and health was the starting point of this adventure.

Klem Gregory, after suffering intense pain for years after a traffic accident that caused a spinal and hip injury, learned about the benefits of essential oils and especially CBD oil, and little by little the chronic pain began to disappear, recovering mobility and strength.

This motivated her to research, learn, create and develop her own line of natural products for everyone in the home.

In the development of the products, entrepreneurs and companies joined the team with whom she shares her passion for healthy living, the well-being of people, pets and CBD.

This is how Ananda Cosmo was born, first in the United States now in Spain, a company that is an expert in the development of natural products, a pioneer in the transformation of organically grown cannabis according to the strictest global pharmaceutical standards, for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes and that produces supplements and derivatives of medicinal cannabis for both the line of people and pets, with all certifications and permits in Europe and the USA, FDA, EUGMP.

Founding and Management Team

The company’s management team, with extensive experience in the industry, is made up of Klemencia Gregory, founder, Javier Llanes and Ricardo Suarez Contramaestre

Klemencia Gregory

Klemencia Gregory


Founder of Ananda Cosmo and Kannnavalley, Miami 2018. Pioneer in the CBD industry applied to pets and cosmetics for mature women.

He has developed his professional career in the world of advertising and cinema, media and marketing, having directed magazines in Colombia and the United States (Hola Colombia magazine, That’s Life, USA, advisor to Hola TV and Hola Unidos, among others).

Ricardo Suarez Contramaestre

Operation Director

Materials Engineer, Specialization in Metalworking Grade 3, and Master in Business Administration (MBA). Specialist in logistics and sales of large FMMCG and health distribution.

Currently he is also a Director and shareholder of Ananda Cosmos. Previously he has been Director of Operations and continuous improvement of Alliance Healthcare, National Manager and director of distribution, plants and equipment in the market of Coca Cola Femsa, Pananco and Coca Cola Enterprise. In addition to experience in Banking and analysis of investment projects, both in Coca Cola, as Corporate Strategy Manager, and projects.

Ricardo Suarez Contramaestre
Javier Llanes Garrido

Javier Llanes Garrido

Lawyer from the Complutense University of Madrid, co-founder of Ananda Cosmo.

He is currently Co-Founder and Director of Sky Hemp Organic (SHO). He has previously been president of Dycsa, founding partner of Digitex International and Konecta Consulting, as well as vice president of corporate development of the telemedicine company Health Tech International. Ameridoc., based in Dallas.

Misión valores y visión

Our mission

Help make the natural healing power of CBD products available and affordable to every person and pet who needs them.

Our philosophy

With our experience in developing products focused on well-being, we want to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone in the family, through daily self-care routines that include the use of our products combined with exercises, massages and skin care. nutrition and detoxification of the body.

Our vision

Improve the lives of people and animals, through products with CBD, being affordable for all who need it and with global coverage.

Our Values


Be an example. With the launch of Ananda Cosmo Spain, we fully entered an emerging market, with the strength of a track record in the cosmetics sector based on CBD, personal and animal, backed by the previous experiences of partners and executives. In this way, we cover the entire cycle in the market, research, production, both our own and for third parties, marketing, and distribution.
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