Primer paso para mejorar tu salud Intima.

First Step to Improve Your Intimate Health.

Are you tired of using different soaps and gels to combat vaginal dryness?

Do you have itching due to dryness and post-shaving?

Do you smell odors due to urine loss?

Then you need to know and try Intima-Care.

Like all the effects of Menopause, dryness in the intimate area is a very uncomfortable consequence of hormonal disruption and does not disappear overnight, on the contrary, it will worsen if we do not remedy it. As any recovery takes time, it is advisable to develop a routine of use.

Intima Care

Start every morning after bathing by applying the equivalent of 3/4 drops of the oil with a gentle massage on the bikini and vulva, up to the anus, wait a few minutes while it is absorbed before putting on your underwear.

Repeat the operation if you usually shower at night, this way you will be able to soften, nourish, and regenerate all the tissue while you rest.

It is also highly recommended to avoid pain caused by lack of lubrication during sexual relations.


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